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From dawn into wee hours, Khao Yai offers exciting adventures like trekking through the mountain jungles and swimming in cascading falls. There’s rock climbing and repelling, whitewater rafting and mountain biking as well as quiet bird watching and night safaris. The choices are vast and will remain so as visitors, while enjoying the park and surrounding countryside, also join in helping to preserve this natural national treasure.


Bird Watching & Trekking in Khao Yai

Khao Yai National Park is a haven for hikers
with paths for a variety of skill levels and experience.
The five nature trails marked with
sign posts please casual walkers and avid
hikers alike, and park rangers can be hired for
guided excursions. One of the most popular
treks starts from the park headquarters and
passes 5.4 km through dense forest to the
Nong Phak Chi observation tower.

The park’s abundant wildlife attracts nature
lovers who can either hike or even just watch
from the blind of their own vehicles as they
pass along the park road and stop at scenic

Macaques hang about the edges of the
asphalt posing for photos and begging for
food (don’t feed them!). Deeper in the forest
one can hear or even see gibbons. Other recorded
species include sambar deer, barking
deer, gaur, bear, tigers, leopards, and otters.
Most impressive, however, are the elephants.
They can appear on the roads at daytime or
at night and are sometimes seen from the
Nong Phak Chi tower as they approach a salt
lick in the distance. The tower can be reached
from a roadside parking lot along a 1-km trail. In
the evening, visit the bat cave at the north side of
the park and see hundreds of thousands of bats
take to the skies as the sun sets. The park hosts
night safaris and participants ride in the back of
a park truck as a guide shines a spotlight on the
local residents.

Birdwatchers flock to Khao Yai for its impressive
diversity. Over 320 species have been spotted
including Red-headed Trogon, Crested-serpent
Eagle, Radde´s Warbler, Siberian Rubythroats,
Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo, and Siamese Fireback.
Notably, four species of the hornbills nest
in the park.

From the top of the 1351-meter Khao Rom and
down to the lowland areas, the park’s terrain
shows five distinct vegetation zones. Mosses
and epiphytes cling to trees of all sorts reaching
up to the canopy. The understory shows
abundant ferns, fungi and even colorful lichens.
Wildflowers are also common throughout the
park and many visitors seek out the orchids in



Bird Watching Sakaerat

On Highway 304, about 300 km from
Bangkok and 60 km from Nakhon
Ratchasima, is the turn to the 3 km
further located Sakaerat Environmental
Research Centre (SERS). This
pedagogical and research centre sits
in the middle of a young evergreen
and pristine, dry dipterocarp forest.
It is administered by TISTR, the
Thailand Institute of Scientific and
Technological Research, and comes
under the Ministry of Science and

In this mountainous and wooded
space, more than 400 species of
vertebrates are known to live, including
79 mammals, 87 reptiles and
26 species of amphibians. Tourists
can engage in this activity as well,
provided they contact the centre and
register for a guided tour. A forest
ranger will bring them to the end of
a 5 km-long asphalt road that cuts
into the forest, and several smaller
tracks can be followed on foot in the
hope to see barking deer, wild pigs,
partridges, pheasants, parakeets, kingfishers, hornbills
or the greater racket-tailed drongo, a kind of bird of
paradise. There are 2 activity programmes. The first is a
full-day trip starting with a lecture, followed by a guided
trek in the forest which includes bird- and wildlife watching
and useful explanations on trees, plants, herbs and
wildflowers. After a picnic lunch of typical north-eastern
food (sticky rice, fried chicken, green papaya salad…),
the party returns to the station for tea and soft drinks
and a relaxing foot massage. The 2 days/1 night programme
starts with a trekking and bird watching tour,
followed by dinner, a lecture and evening activities such
as stars- and night insects watching. Accommodation is
provided in simple but comfortable, fan-cooled rooms.
A second, morning trekking is organized after breakfast,
and the rest of the programme is similar to that of a 1-
day tour.

A full-day or an overnight trip can be booked for groups.
In this case, reservations must be made by downloading
booking forms from the website and registering in due
form, at least 1 month in advance. After the availability of
guides and accommodation is checked, the Centre will
confirm the booking, which must be reconfirmed by the
participants at least 3 days prior to the visit.

Sakaerat Environmental Research Station
Wang Nam Khiao District,
Nakhon Ratchasima 30370
Tel. +66 (0) 4424 4474, (0) 4424 2533


Gaur Watching at Khao Phaengma

Around 20 km from Wang Nam Khiao, on Road
2072, one arrives at Klong Prakang in Khao
Phaengma district. A turn to the left leads to a
Khao Yai National Park Conservation Unit. Officials
and rangers of this modest station watch over the
development and management of a natural forest
park area which is part of Khao Yai National Park.
Activities for visitors can be organized and accompanied,
such as trekking in the forest, bird watching,
camping and educational seminars. A 2 days – 1
night ‘medium’ trek leads to a small stream, a rock
field with wildflowers and the Khao Yai waterfall. A
longer hike of 3 days – 2 nights include the views of
evergreen forests, the Wang Hell Waterfall and the
highlight, a dinosaur footprint. Most people though
stop for an hour or two, to go for a short pick-up
ride and a 20 minutes-stroll onto a watchtower,
where, if luck strikes, gaur can be seen. Gaur is a
species of wild bovines to which also the banteng
belongs. This massive herbivore has a dark-brown,
almost black coat, with white stockings and muzzle
extremities, and inward curving horns. It looks like a
giant ‘Asian bison’ and can weigh up to more than a
thousand kilos. The animals live on herbs and young
leaves. They roam mostly at night-time, so the best
moment to try and watch them is at twilight or dusk.
A lonely or wounded gaur can be dangerous and
attack and wound people. It is advised not to use
perfume or eau-de-toilette and not to make noise
while in the vicinity of a gaur, as it might be disturbed
by strong smells and human uproar. From the top of
the watchtower, though, visitors are safe to observe
the impressive animals, which often come to lick the
saltlick spots seen at a safe distance.

Khao Yai National Park Conservation Centre
Klong Prakang, Khao Phaengma, Baan Buchaokun,
Wang Mee Sub-district, Wang Nam Khiao District,
Nakhon Ratchasima
Tel. +66 (0) 8 9838 6022
Bangkok Office
National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation
Tel. +66 (0) 2256 2759



Rafting at Kaeng Hin Phoeng

Close to Bangkok and with levels of difficulty
ranging from level 2 to 4+, Kaeng Hin Phoeng
is a favorite among whitewater rafting novices to
old hands. The river runs from the Sai Yai River in
Khao Yai into the Bang Pakong, which empties
into the Thai Gulf. The pier to set off is located
in the park in Nadi district of Prachinburi, and
a typical four and a half kilometer outing takes
about two hours. The rapids come in a number
of sections.
The most challenging is the river’s namesake,
Kaeng Hin Phoeng, after which, at Wang Nam
Lorn, the river widens and slows to a meandering
current, where you can get your breath
back. Most rafters wait till they pass through
the narrow Wang Khon gorge, which can again
test your paddling strength and then beach their
raft at Wang Yao beach for a leisurely swim.
Once everyone’s strength is replenished it’s on
to some exciting fast rapids before arriving at
Kaeng Ngu Hao where you disembark for what
sounds alarming, but is, in fact, a spectacular
2-kilometer jungle trek to the parking lot, that
is if you aren’t staying at one of the resorts
along the river.
The best time of year to go is during the rainy
season from July through October.



Bonanza Adventure Park

This super structure featuring a worldclass resort, dining venues and adventure park truly stands alone in Khao Yai.
Want to fly through the air? The flying fox
attraction can help you with that as you
effortlessly and safely glide high above
the ground. Canoeing a little more your
style? Check out Bonanza’s boating
course where you will flow upon a gentle
stream among the beautiful surrounds
of Khao Yai’s hills. Looking for a little
combat action? Bonanza also has a BB
gun battlefield. Every exciting and aweinspiring
activity you can imagine is at
Bonanza – from canopy walks to ATV
excursions. They also have some great
fun filled activities for the wee ones. One
of the coolest aspects of Bonanza is the
horse riding adventure – where you can
put on your ten-gallon hat and ride into
the sunset – John Wayne style.

Activities: ATV, BB Gun, Canoeing, Rock
Climbing, X-Treme Sports



The Life Park

The Greenery Life Park at The Greenery Resort, Khao Yai is perfect for families and friends. There is something for everyone. Release your energy in adventurous activities — both in water and on land. Life Park, the ultimate fun experience and Thailand’s largest, newest and adventurous park includes Kids Adventure, Family Fun for All, Amazing Thrills, Ultimate Team Challenges, and Fear Factor. You can enjoy infrared gun shooting and ATV riding; and adults will enjoy a round or two of bowling and hovercrafts, to name just a few. All equipment is imported, such as from Finland, Italy, New Zealand, UK, and USA, for the best quality and ultimate fun experience.



Pulse pumping fun is never far away in
Khao Yai, and a great place to experience
all the thrills of speed is at Muaklek
ATV. This outstanding venue offers a
wide range of activities besides just ATV,
there is also archery, paintball, repelling,
and kayaking. They provide ATVs with
less than 150 cc. for safe rides within
their big beginner track. Additionally, they
also have intermediate level courses with
professional instructors at your beck and
call. Bring a large group, as they boast
a selection of 20 ATVs for your riding
pleasure. Their advanced trip is sure
to increase the adrenaline with packages
named, Explores Barb Trail, Jungle
Shortcut Trail, Jungle Adventure Trail, and
the Round Mountain Trail. Muak Lek is
the place you want to go for blowing off
steam and enjoying the beautiful forests
of verdant Khao Yai.
Activities: ATV, hiking, paintball,
archery, rock climbing, gravity
wall climbing, kayaking



Chokchai Farm

This Agro tour place is just 159 kilometers from Bangkok, where you can get a feel of farm life in the largest standard dairy cattle farm through seeing the real farm life and
having hands on experience with the
help of tour guides. Get the real feel
of the farm life and have fun seeing
and learning through experiences
such milking cow, making fresh
milk ice cream, seeing cowboy live
shows, dogs rounding up sheep,
dogs showing their skills, feeding
animals and many other things.
These are not just for show but a part
of the real life of Farm Chokchai. The
tours are arranged in groups, at fixed
schedules. Advance reservation is


Muaklek Pony Club

If you’re already an equestrian enthusiast or you want to learn to ride horseback, Muaklek Pony Club offers it all. About an hour and a half from Bangkok, the club is set right in the
foothills of Khao Yai high plateau. Here, the open prairies and dense forest have attracted
many ‘would-be’ Thai cowboys with its
ideal terrain and climate for riding. Muaklek
Pony Club offers classes for novice riders to
equestrian jumping. As it also offers a stable
boarding service, there are classes in horse
care and training as well.
If you’ve never ridden before, you can take
a short 15-minute ride for just 100 baht.
Those who want to explore the bridle paths
twisting through the lush greenery and over
open plains can rent a horse during the day
for 350 baht/hour or under a setting sun
and twinkling moon and stars for just 400
baht/hour. While it is easy enough to make
this a half- or all-day excursion, there is also
a delightful fully equipped campsite nestled
amidst the timber where many choose to
rent a tent and sleeping bags to spend a
night under the stars and around a campfire
before turning in.



Cowboy Adventure

Probably you weren’t expecting to find cowboys in the countryside of Thailand, but Fountain Tree brings a bit of the American Wild West. Located on 400 rai of land, the hotel offers 161 rooms. The design resembles an old western town. 68 of the hotel’s rooms show a bit of a cowboy theme but guests can stay in cottages or even in rooms designed like teepees, the unusual tents particular to the Native Americans. Don’t worry, they have all the amenities of a regular room but sit near the water to create a camping atmosphere. The vast property also offers an agricultural tour with farm animals and organic foods, and each night guests are invited to attend a cowboy party complete with cowgirl and cowboy performers. See some dancing as well as a show of weapons of the Native Americans. Karaoke is a great way to liven up the evening. Resort activities are numerous and include go cart racing, ATV riding, paintball battles, archery, and water games centered around the resort’s large swimming pool.

If mountain biking is more your thing, rent one of the resort’s
bikes and hit the trail. Khao Yai National Park is a short drive
away. Other area attractions include Chokchai Farm, an agritourism
farm with cow milking demonstrations and fresh ice
cream. Or check out the Lam Takhong dam which holds back
300 million cubic meters of water, an impressive sight.


Tarzan Tours

Since more than 10 years, Pha Ngam Mountain Lodge at Wang Nam Khiao organizes recreational
adventure activities which amuse young
and old, the so-called ‘Tarzan Tours’. An outdoor
rock climbing wall was the first in its kind
in north-eastern Thailand. The fundamentals of
this popular sport (planning, right moves, splitsecond
decision making, etc) can be learned
from experienced trainers. The more hardened
amateurs can descend a sheer cliff hanging 60
meters (the height of a 20-storey building) above
the void. Other adventurous games, open to all
ages, are The Flying Fox, sailing through the air
on a system of high-speed pulleys attached to
cables (a funny and safe experience) and The
Rope Challenge, a network of 10 stations which
can be reached through a game of wits, skill and
courage. It’s more particularly a team game, and
can be conducted by mixed groups of children
and adults. Team building activities are promoted
at Pha Ngam Mountain Lodge, which also emphasizes
on the beautiful slogan ‘To make the
world better than we found it’.

On December 4, 2002, a couple exchanged
vows during their marriage ceremony hanging
from the 60m-cliff overlooking Weluwan Waterfall.
Since then, couples exchange wedding
vows here every year!



Muay Thai Boxing Camp

A rather unique spot in this area has been set op by a Swedish-Thai couple. They had 5 nice,
chalet-style bungalows constructed, with comfortable
rooms, all enjoying mountain (‘jungle’)
views. In a half-open restaurant-annex-bar, Thai
as well as European food (pork legs, sauerkraut,
goulash and the likes) and imported German
beers can be found on the menu. The owners
occupy a countryside villa with a newly-built
swimming pool which can be used by guests
staying overnight.

But the largest and most remarkable building is
situated a little downhill. It’s a spacious sports
hall with a complete array of fitness equipment.
Beyond the ping pong table is the central nerve
and the main goal of this resort – a boxing ring.
Training camps of ‘Muay Thai’ or Thai boxing are
organized in this modest and rather secluded
resort. It is a new enterprise, but Swedish, Slovakian
and Swiss amateurs came already to be
trained in this typically Thai sport. Next-door is
another observable house, Ban Thai Health Retreat,
where one can indulge in spa and massage
sessions, perhaps not a bad undertaking after a
training camp in Thai boxing.


Rai Kusuma


As the name tells, Rai Kusuma Resort and
Restaurant has range and variety of accommodation,
activities, and foods to choose
from. The accommodation of 45 rooms here
has many types and styles to meet everyone’s
preferences — whether a large homey
room for a family or a comfortable studio for
a budget sojourner. The seminar room is
also provided. Adventurous activities at the
resort are for a family to enjoy, for a company
to build team-building spirit, and for an
individual to learn problem-solving, with the
sound of waterfall as background. Then shed
your sweat and fill up your stomach with
variety of foods at the restaurant by the waterfall
— traditional Thai cuisine, spicy food,
or fresh seafood from Pasak Chonlasit Dam.
For those who can’t decide or still have no idea
what to do, the resort provides a two-day-trip
package that might be of your interest. Namtok
Rai Kusuma Resort, the place to refresh yourself
with the beautiful rich nature, enjoy rolling in the
pure natural waterfall, and stay comfortably in
fine accommodation.




This is an activity for those who love an adrenaline rush,
who get a charge out of extreme adventures. Hyperventure has all the required equipment in addition to
the qualified guides. Once you’ve received a safety and
equipment briefing and have donned your harness and
helmet, you’ll be led to canyon ledge where you can
repel into a magical natural cavern. The feeling you might
get is that you are following in the footsteps of Jules Verne and his Journey to the Center of the Earth. The canyon has been formed by water carving out the niche and then smoothing the rock surfaces over thousands, if not millions of years. During the right time of year, you could become part of a cascading waterfall that shimmers in the lamplight. The sensations can only be described as extraordinary.


Nakhon Nayok - Sa Keo

River rafting is a rush of water and adrenaline and two opportunities lie in or near Nakhon Nayok.
On the Sai Yai River, hike 2.5 km upstream and
join a group of about 8 people in a rubber raft
to face several stretches of Class 3 to 5 rapids.
The Nakhon Nayok River is another option and
it adds canoeing and kayaking to the list of
possiblities. This is not a lazy paddle; there are
some rapids here and it is best done in the rainy

Don your camouflage and take to the jungle with
a paintball gun as you compete with opponents
who will also have you in their sights. All equipment
is provided and safety apparel as well.
Duck behind trees and tire barriers as you try to
score a hit. The rise and fall of the land, pockets
of muddy water, and plenty of backroads and
trails makes Nakhon Nayok ideal for ATV riding.
If your prefer adventure on your own power,
then rock climbing might be a better option.
Scale cliffs under the supervision of professional
guides or latch onto a zipline for an aerial view of
the treetops. Contact adventure outfitters such
as Khao Lon Adventure Center or The ForRest
Paintball & BB Gun.

This province is best suited for the outdoors
traveler. National parks provide opportunities for
hiking and biking. Pang Sida for example is a
nature lover’s dream. The park hosts an annual
butterfly festival when the tree-covered mountain
slopes actually become thick with the colorful
winged creatures. Over 400 species have been
recorded and this makes a great challenge for
photographers. Birdwatchers should be thrilled
in Sa Keo as well. With over 300 of Thailand’s
nearly 1,000 species, birding fans are guaranteed
to fill up their life lists. Hornbills are one of
the most popular regularly sighted species but
at Phra Prong reservoir you are likely to spot
many Cormorants, perhaps an osprey or eagle
and likely the rare and unusual Oriental Darter, a
water bird that resembles a snake when it hunts
the fish.
Get out of the sun a bit – way out of the sun – as you escend into the limestone legacy
of Sa Keo’s cave systems. Pet Po Thong
Cave shows remarkable diamond-like formations
that glitter in the light of your torch
as well as unusual stains on the cave walls
resembling the leaves of the banyan tree.
Perhaps not for the claustrophobic is Tumnam
Khao Shiva Cave where you must pass
through a channel of water that may come
up as high as your neck before you can reach
the innermost areas. You will likely see a lot
of bats as well.


9 Moo 4 Baan Nonkradon, Payayen, Pak Chong, Nakornratchasima 30320
Tel. 081-8757172 , 086-4686362
E-mail :