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 About Us

AGLC – All Green Learning Center

AGLC is a learning centre located at the fringe of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, Kao Yai National Park located in Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand. The inspiration behind the All Green Learning Centre (AGLC) is to create awareness, educate and provide alternative ways of interacting and adapting to our environment. Sustainability, climate change, energy crisis, pollution, environmental degradation, receding forest and a list of others are not addressed sufficiently in formal education.  Learning for alterative model and distributed solution for a self-sustainable development is almost non-existence in schools, colleges and even university. The need to address climate change adaption & mitigation, disaster risk management and a series of preparation for severe weather changes have not been taken seriously throughout the world and there is no institution in Southeast Asia that develop practical knowledge and build capacity in sustainable solutions.

The spread of natural disasters such as flash floods, mud slides, hurricanes, hail storms, bush fires, droughts and others are increasing at an alarming pace. The under-developed regions of Southeast Asia are hardest hit by these ever more violent natural catastrophes. There is an urgent to act and to reach out to as many people as possible through education and practical training. There is also a great need to inform and influence the society and government on the need for practical sustainable solutions. The training courses on sustainable solutions mainly cover renewable energy, water, green architecture and alternative agriculture. The centre itself is built on these sustainable principles.  

Our approach at AGLC

AGLC provides hands-on training for practical sustainable solutions, and various other fun and educational activities. AGLC does this by using real-life working demonstrations and displays the concepts in a fun and sustainable environment. The training staffs also deliver information on the theory behind the technology and evaluate students' understanding. The priority for AGLC is Sustainable Human Consumption though education. 

Our Objectives

  • The main objective is to establish a training center to train and build capacity in sustainable solutions for the Southeast Asia countries.
  • This AGLC aims to be the regional centre of excellence for the training and promotion of distributed, alternative sustainable infrastructure methodology.
  • To encourage visitors and participants to think about and consider the environment when making decisions regarding energy use, agriculture, managing and design.
  • To promote team work for the greater good of the community.
  • To promote creative activities to benefit the individual and the community by appealing to the interests and abilities of the participants.
  • Networking, making friends and putting together a community to help create a sustainable society.
  • To demonstrate the importance of working together to conserve the environment.

Desired Outcome:


Friends and green social networks that would become seeds for a future sustainable society

New Ideas

 Decreasing household waste and consumption by proper recycling, re-using and creating new household items.   

Happiness of sharing

Sharing knowledge and understanding of energy and the environment leads to developing, sustainable societies and happiness. 

Income from Green Concepts

Generating income from clean technology and green products is the future, taking care of individuals and communities.


9 Moo 4 Baan Nonkradon, Payayen, Pak Chong, Nakornratchasima 30320
Tel. 081-8757172 , 086-4686362
E-mail :