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1.       Training

AGLC focuses on the practical aspects of training in the area of green solutions and environmental friendly technology. Participants will be engaged with hands-on sessions to better understand the theory and principles of these solutions. Training is applicable to schools, government organizations, NGO, companies and even a small group of like-minded individuals.

We are particularly specialized in the follow areas: 

a.       Green Energy:      

                                                    i.      Photovoltaic (PV) power

                                                    ii.     PV and hybrid power

                                                    iii.     Biomass especially pyrolysis and charcoal making

                                                    iv.     Solar thermal

b.      Appropriate Sustainable Technology

                                                    i.      Compressed earth brick (soil cement block)

                                                    ii.      Simple but effective water treatment

                                                    iii.     others

c.       DIY environmental friendly products

d.      Natural farming (some may call it eco farm or permaculture)

e.      Customized Training especially in green solutions and sustainability



2.       Farmstay

In the recent years, AGLC has been devoting more attention to natural farming to improve yield and quality of agricultural produces without resorting to chemical fertilizers and pest control. We have integrated ecological cycle into our farm such as raising ducks in a pond together with fishes for aquaponics; chicken caravan that moves about in the inter-row of fruit trees for them to foliage on the weeds, feeds on pest and at the same time fertilize the soil. Another example is the movable sheep pen that does almost the same as the chicken caravan to control grasses and organically enriching the soil. Save some labour and fuel for cutting grasses!


Why laze around with conventional vacation that you may not be rejuvenated and enriched. Parents spend a lot of hard earn money to bring the family for vacation and relaxation year after year. However, the effect is usually just simply visiting somewhere new but there is very little else achieved. Farmstay, on the hand, is an opportunity to bond, to learn, to contribute, to be with nature and to create great memory together. It is a vacation for all ages.


Participants have plenty of opportunity to feed the animals, watch them swim, feed, play, rest and help to collect eggs. Learn how to make various types of organic fertilizers and enzymes that enhance the growth of plants and vegetables. Be the planter, harvester and feels the joy of working with your hands to grow foods. There are simply many activities to enjoy in the farm and garden. What can be fresher than the fruits, vegetables, and eggs that you have hand pick by yourselves. If you grow up in a city and come as a family or group, collectively you are likely to remember this experience for life.


3.       Team Building

The tranquil setting of AGLC is ideal for offsite meeting / team-building  for company, government organization and others. Be it a day event or spanning over a few days, AGLC has the facility and the peaceful environment, at very affordable price, to host your organization. The existing activities at AGLC can augment and enhance your event be it an offsite meeting or a team building session.

a.       Offsite meeting and team building event

b.      Seminar in the setting of a peaceful countryside

c.       Self-organized training event


4.       Short term office away from City

Why not try to work, for a short while, away from your normal office located in the city. You shall be able to get away from air and noise pollution, congestion, and most importantly mental stress. The lush green nature, the fresh air, the morning dew and breeze with scent of wilderness, can calm your mind, recharge your body and improve your productivity.

AGLC offers affordable accommodation, free high-speed WiFi, and organic delicious food for you to work with minimum stress. Significant discount is applicable to guests who stay for more than 2 weeks.


5.       Kids Fun Day Out

Schools or parents can organize a trip to AGLC while visiting Khao Yai to let children have the chance of making something creative for themselves, learn and practice arts from recycled objects, get connected with the earth and nature, ride a bicycle in a safe environment, and the list goes on. Children are spending too much time on mobile phone and computer these days, give them a chance to make something real, stimulate their mind and creativity by doing things with their hand. Half day to full day event filled with activity can be organized.


6.       Community Services

Servicing and making a contribution, no matter how small, to improve the life of others who are less fortunate, is a mutually rewarding journey for both the givers and the recipients. Similarly, simple sustainability services such as planting trees, cleaning up the beach, laying public pavement, bring joys to everyone.


AGLC is frequently out in the field especially remote rural communities to build public clinics, improve schools, install solar power, construct micro hydro power stations, teach and build efficient charcoal kilns among other more technical demanding works. The staff of AGLC gains valuable practical experience from these projects in difficult and challenging environment. Besides sharing these experiences in our training courses, we organize working trips to these rural villages in different parts of Thailand and Laos. Please note that these are not sight-seeing excursions although the journey to the destination is usually filled with beautiful scenery and surprises. Interested party should contact us as early as possible as there are much preparation work for any of these volunteer trips. Voluntarily donation and fees will be charged to help with the expenses and some project cost.




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